The mini course

Your complete guide to nailing sales and understanding the absolute core foundations to getting more f*ck yes clients!


Let's be real...

We've all been pitched to before! So we know exactly what turns us off when we hop on a sales call with someone whom we actually are hoping can solve a problem of ours.

As a result? We get so stuck in our own head when WE become the person selling. We start to second guess everything we say, thinking that we're coming off too strong or sounding like a desperate used car salesman!

The problem is though... when we aren't making sales, we're not actually able to help our ideal clients AND when you do that for long enough, sooner or later it won't be long until we find ourselves owning an expensive hobby or charity, rather than a profitable business.

So, how do we fix this dilemma?

By having genuine connections with our ideal clients and learning the art of empowering THEM to lead themselves into buying, from us!

YES, you heard that right!! There is absolutely a way where you don't need to convince or persuade someone to buy from you. 

You just need to learn how!

What if there IS an easy way to sell... in just 3 simple steps?


I get how hard it is to show the value of what you have to offer AND get your clients to commit to a definitive next step, without running out of time or making the sales call sound like a one sided conversation.

The fact that you're here right now tells me you know sales has to be a two way conversation, where both sides of the transaction mutually benefit.

And yet, doing this effortlessly can be SO tough!

This is why I've taken my 2 decades experience and success in sales and have condensed this in 3 simple steps.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Shift from allowing your clients to take over the conversation to YOU being the leader and guiding them into making an empowered buying decision.
  • Go from running out of time to being able to demonstrate the value of your offer in a clear and concise way.
  • Move from getting stuck in your own head to knowing exactly what to say and when to say it in a sales conversation.



The mini course

The ultimate guide to nailing sales and understanding the absolute core foundations of getting more f*ck yes clients!



Get ready to deep dive the following...


1. Build trust and rapport fast

Say good bye to awkwardness straight off the batt! And say hello to deep and meaningful conversations!! How? Because you did the heavy lifting at the very start of the conversation.

2. Excite your ideal clients 

Your clients don't want to be talked at and they sure as sh*t don't want to be talked down to. Master the technique of getting them excited and you'll be able to farewell buyer's remorse in no time!

3. Close 

When you've executed the first two steps tactfully, you and your client should have a definitive next step. That means you BOTH know what'll happen straight after the call. Limbo is now a thing of the past!

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What clients say after taking my course?

"Doubled my sales ratio"

"I've been in business for 5 years and felt that the last few years I had plateaued and nothing I was doing was changing it by much. It took a while to look deep and realise that maybe I didn't know it all and that it would be useful for someone outside the business to look into it and give me some guidance on my blind spots, things that I couldn't see or didn't realise was impacting my bottom line.

I felt Elise really took the time to understand how my business ran and gave me another point of view that I was missing. For me, it was the customer experience and what my clients saw and by making a few tweaks in how I presented my offer, I was able to double my sales ratio from 21% to 42%! I would highly recommend Elise and her services!"

Mary, Financial Adviser

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One payment


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What you get inside Sales Fundamentals - the mini course:

  • My proven 3-step framework to nail sales and get more f*ck yes clients!
  • Step 1: Build trust and rapport fast.
  • Step 2: Excite your ideal clients
  • Step 3: Close (because limbo is now a thing of the past!)

Hey there, I'm Elise!

I'm a Business Coach and Mentor for female coaches and consultants. I empower you to get fully booked with dreamy AF clients and make high cash months, without burn out, a large audience or paying for expensive ads.

What's my story?

I once got made redundant for being the worse performing sales employee. At the time? My ego took a massive hit! But it ended up humbling me in the end!!

WHY? I learned that being afraid to sell (because I had witnessed seeing manipulative and pushy sales tactics), was only hurting my ability to actually help my ideal clients!

So what are you waiting for?

Say less, let's do this!